Services & Pricing

The Lice Aunties Process

First Step

The Aunties do a thorough head check to determine what, if any, treatment is required.

Second Step

We discuss treatment options with you based on what we see in each person in your family. We strive to offer you the most cost-conscious, yet effective treatment. See our Services and Pricing page for more details.

Air Allé®

If any moving bugs or more than a few nits are found, the Aunties will use the AirAllé®, an FDA-cleared medical device that kills head lice and 99.2 percent of lice eggs (nits) in a single treatment. This revolutionary device is used by the Aunties to provide a safe, fast and highly effective head lice treatment. Please note that the FDA does not allow us to use the AirAllé® in children under aged four. The Aunties would comb them out thoroughly instead.

How it Works

AirAllé® medical deviceThe AirAllé® medical device utilizes microprocessor-controlled heated air to kill lice bugs and eggs through dehydration. This is a revolutionary alternative to treating head lice with pesticides, herbal lice remedies, suffocation products or lice combs. The device, which was invented by Dr. Dale Clayton at the University of Utah, kills lice and eggs through a precise combination of temperature, airflow, time and technique.

The Lice Aunties have successfully treated thousands of people with lice using the AirAllé® since we started using it in 2010. For more details about AirAllé®, visit their website at