Services & Pricing

Lice Aunties Pricing

Head Check – $25

A comprehensive head check to identify evidence of a head lice infestation; performed with a professional-grade nit comb. If treatment is needed, the $25 charge is waived. 5–10 minutes

Head Check with Oil – $40

A head check as described above but also with a massaged-in application of non-toxic silicone oil. For individuals who have been exposed to head lice but where no evidence of head lice has been found. 10–15 minutes

Wet Head Check with Oil – $60

A head check where we get your hair wet, apply conditioner and comb through with a professional-grade nit comb. For those with shorter hair who may have thought they had seen lice or aren’t sure but don’t want to take chances. 15–20 minutes

Comb Out – $95

For children four years and under or for clients for whom the AirAllé® treatment is contraindicated. A full comb out and an application of non-toxic silicone oil. A follow up plan that includes additional combing is required. If comb out is longer than 30 minutes, it is $25 for each additional quarter hour. 30 minutes.

AirAllé™ Treatment – $200

The most effective lice treatment currently available and the only one with treatment that includes 30 minutes of heat, up to a one hour comb-out to remove dead bugs and nits, and a non-toxic application of silicone oil. Takes up to 90 minutes. If combing takes more than 60 minutes, an extra $25 for each fifteen minutes applies. Guaranteed.* 60–90 minutes.


*The AirAllé® treatment is guaranteed for 30 days. In the rare case that live bugs are found, we will retreat at no additional cost. All family members and childcare providers be checked and cleared for our guarantee to apply. Families must do all follow-up combing and recommendations advised by Lice Aunties. Must save bugs that you find in your hair for examination and confirmation