About Us

Just who are the Aunties?

Julie Weiman, Founder

After her daughter’s epic lice infestation which quite possibly lasted all of first grade, Julie became intrigued with head lice. She started Lice Aunties in 2008. Julie has an MBA, a decade of management consulting experience, and many years partnering alongside her serial entrepreneur husband, Peter. But most importantly, Julie is a Mom who understands the frustration and stress head lice brings into a family.

As Lice Aunties’ reputation for excellence spread and the business grew, Julie added more Aunties including a General Manager who joined in 2011.

Jeanne McSweeney, General Manager

Although she had aspirations of being a Rockette, Jeanne’s career was initially in the wacky world of advertising, and then after obtaining an MBA, morphed into the more corporate sides of management consulting, marketing and school admissions. Now Jeanne combines fun and business by tap dancing through the day at Lice Aunties answering inquiries, calming nervous Moms, managing the fabulous Aunties and treating and educating great families like yours! And like Julie, she has dealt with lice in her daughter, who has never been itchy despite two separate infestations, and as with so many teenaged girls, has a voluminous amount of hair!

The Lice Aunties

The Lice Aunties offer more than thirty years of head lice removal experience to families in the Boston area. Imagine that! For many Aunties, their first experience with lice was with their own children. Some came to the Lice Aunties as clients and were so impressed they asked to join the team! So, they really empathize with what you are experiencing. The Aunties are Moms, nurses, coaches, playwrights, actors, teachers, artists, life-long learners and all-around cool, kind, calm people. Most Aunties have been with the team for years and seeing them in action will inspire confidence in your ability to handle the nuisance that is head lice. The Aunties are a fun, cohesive team of smart women who love what they do and look forward to helping you!